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Tuemi and friend made a fantastic breakfast for me this morning: boiled eggs, German bread, hazelnut yoghurt, candles (not to eat! ;-)). They also sang Viel Glück und viel Segen for me. :-) Got lots of cards, too, but prezzies I have to wait for until tonight. But I got a bookmark in the form of a sheep from Tuemi and a bracelet from my sister-in-law.

The Marquis called to sing happy birthday to me and then Steele's the removers called to say they were coming past to pick up the boxes from the move (YAY! at last).

When I got into the office, Nix had put up banners with "Happy Birthday" on them and got me flowers and another bracelet (which incidentally matches my turquoise t-shirt). She also found some Kinder Country chocolates and bought them for me, because I mentioned that I really liked them and hadn't seen them in this country yet.

So far this has been one of my most birthdayish birthdays to date! :-D
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... here's a very brief hello.

Hello, lj, have been neglecting you, as well as my website (still under construction) and various friends. Been really busy, what with moving house, having my mum and aunt to visit, going to the Fellowship Festival, starting a new job and getting visited by my sister Tuemi and her friend. I was going to update my lj yesterday, but the laundry needed doing and the weather was very nice and I made use of our new garden.

Anyway, I'll fill in the details bit by bit, but for the moment I'd better get on with some work.

*waves and signs off*


Jul. 29th, 2004 11:56 am
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Can't concentrate... Got so much to do... don't want to move... the portfolio needs more work... my office needs to be tidied up...

UPDATE (15:26): it's not getting any better, I think I am going to pack some stuff and head home. Sigh.
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They delivered the first load of cardboard boxes for our move yesterday.

We also still have lost of boxes left from the last move. These are going to be donated to our Osteopath who will soon be moving herself. But she isn't picking them up until Monday.

We also emptied out the loft, and stacked the original boxes for our appliances in the hallway.

As a consequence our entire abode is pretty much lined with boxes.


Jul. 9th, 2004 10:46 pm
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I managed to acquire a nice turquoise wallet today.

Oh, and a T-shirt in the sales. The former was a planned buy, the latter a bit of impromptu retail therapy, cos I have been feeling low.

When I got home, I decided to do some prep for the move and ended up semi-cataloguing all of our videos and DVDs in this little index book I found. Just the ones recorded of the TV to do now. That'll probably take longer than all the rest put together.
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Well, well, well... I think I'd better get something down about what I have been doing and thinking before it all disappears. So following [ profile] pellegrina's example, I thought that I might as well make a start now rather than putting if off even more. Unlike my esteemed friend, however, I'll not be so organised as to actually talk about things in a chronological order.

The Wolverhampton Househunt )
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While I monopolise the internet connection and phoneline in our house, the Marquis often plays a computer game called Diablo, which is a sort of 'Buffy goes to the Hellmouth to give the demons some trouble'+ D&D type of game. He's been playing this rogue character called Xenatu for the last several weeks, but today decided to start a new character. A warrior in fact. I suggested he call him Fred, and the Marquis called him Fred. And I am absurdly pleased again, which is -- as Polly remarked -- something one should be more often.

Na'Lon's Sunday )
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It turns out you can train Cuban crocodiles much in the same way you can train a dog. The dragon in me is pleased with this discovery. But crocs are probably a bit more dangerous than dogs nevertheless.

In other news )
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Or am I just flattering myself? :-)

The last couple of weeks have been very strange and instead of getting my various thoughts and contemplations transferred onto lj, I have been frantically scribbling (or rather tapping) away at a couple of ‘drafts’(for want of a better word) on [ profile] pellegrina and my ambitious current writing project.

More about my scribblings )

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