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Oxonmoot ~ The Report (Second attempt)

I have been very busy with my portfolio of which more at another point and so haven’t got round to doing the report thing until now. But since I want a break from learning and teaching and not being able to find the references that I want to find, here’s my Oxonmoot report instead.

Hobbitish Endeavours )
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I just spend an hour typing this up. Went to copy it to make sure I wouldn't lose it. Hit the wrong key in the process and there is no undo.


Sep. 20th, 2004 12:31 pm
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Finally made it back from Oxonmoot at about 20.45 last night, instead of 19.45 as originally hoped.

Weekend was enjoyable despite the fact that I seem to have spent most of it in accident-prone land.

'twas nice to see the Usual Suspects: [ profile] pellegrina, [ profile] foradan, [ profile] emperor, and various Taruithornians (including [ profile] dreiviertel, and CTS people, and SocT people. Also met [ profile] megamole and [ profile] atreic who I'd only known via lj up to that point.

After Enyalie we also caught up with [ profile] alitophilus, [ profile] jane_somebody, [ profile] skordh, and [ profile] parrot_knight.

Before I get carried away and write a longer report, however, I am going to do some work on my portfolio...
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On Friday morning [ profile] the_marquis and I spectacularly failed to missed out train to the South by about 30 seconds. Read more... ) Suffice it to say, we caught the next train without hitch, it got to our destination almost without delay, and for some reason known only unto those who plan the journeys of trains, it took an hour less to get from home to destination on this train, than it would have done on the ‘correct’ train.

[ profile] parrot_knight picked us up at the station and while the Marquis dashed off to the building society, the Knight and I parked the car. We met up again a little later and had a cup of tea in a café that has opened in the place in which I bought my favourite pair of shoes (to date; now sadly deceased). Odd experience, that!

The rest of the evening… )

Saturday started fairly slowly, and once we’d made it into town, the Marquis had to rush off to the committee meeting of Society T’s big cousin. The Knight and I were charged with a quest for some latex for hobbit feet. We found some in the end…

Soon after the latex had been acquired the Knight and I also parted ways: he took [ profile] foradan to his flat to help him sort out his computer, while I headed off to meet Viala and [ profile] eudesia for a long afternoon of chatting. I also saw my godson, his little sister and his big brother in the process of the visit, which was rather nice!

Talking with Viala and Eudesia )

Then, in the evening, took place the event for which we had travelled more than half-way down the country: Society T’s Banquet )which was not only a great event in its own right, but also provided a chance for many of the old members of Society T to meet each other and for us all to meet our very worthy successors! Eglerio!

Sunday’s journey home was remarkably straightforward, despite the replacement bus service which the Marquis and I had been dreading as two people who were a little over-tired and delicate after the previous evening’s excesses ;-). Once at home, I quickly prepared the lecture-notes for tomorrow’s sessions in Lancaster. And then I spent ages writing up this report of the weekend. Time for posting and bed, methinks…


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