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It's just a sticking plaster )

And yet...
- Na'Quis's sports day: the weather was mostly good (I even got a little sunburnt), Na'Quis was proud of her achievements ("I can run really fast!"), and I'm proud of her for going and doing it, even though she'd missed preparing for sports day with her fellow pupils.
- The Marquis and I put up the garden table, and then I spent about two hours cleaning garden furniture and partly cleaning up the shed, until the dust got to me.
- I took Na'Quis with me to a singing lesson. She wants to have her own and I am going to start again. My singing teacher has a new singing room in her garden: it is fantastic. I want one. ;-)
- Just as the sun was setting it peeked out behind the cloud and made the apple blossom on our neighbours tree look the most glorious luminescent pink. It made me want to learn to paint, because on a photo I can never capture that kind of light.
- I can hear the sound of the rain on the patio. The plants will appreciate the water and I like the sound.
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I have had another busy day. Started with a bit of writing chat via text with Viala (who had a writing snag that needed desnagging) on the bus to the hospital to have my foot x-rayed. It's not got any signs of stress-fractures, hooray! Then picked up my parcel (delivered yesterday while we were out) of Na'Quis's and my internet shopping from the other day. Work - sorted out a few things, sent of the emails I prepared yesterday, met with two reps from McGraw-Hill who talked about some resources that sound rather intriguing. Had a lovely coffee with Versatile (who helped with the Athena application), and who gave me advice about how to investigate changing schools for Na'Quis as and when we move to Brum. Versatile also made the 'mistake' of asking me about my (novel) writing and so I burbled at length and with great enthusiasm...

The photo is colour inspired. The three items of clothing which arrived for me in the parcel (and which I am very pleased with) are all in similar shades which I really like, but which don't go with each other. I liked the idea of recording this.

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P.S. I can't stand the new look LiveJournal. Probably will get used to it out of necessity. Bah.


Dec. 19th, 2005 02:58 pm
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Outside our office, there is this noise.

Nix: "That sounds just like the TARDIS."

Na'Lon: "Yes. Maybe they are coming to rescue us."

They haven't rescued us so far. :-(
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Nix, Ginger and I went to the Carol Service. There was standing room only, and I had no pen for the gift aid envelop, but it was well worth going. I found the British Sign Language translations particularly interesting. I even recognised a few signs in context! I feel much more Christmassy now, despite a terrible stiff and painful neck. I am also slighlty hoarse. But it felt good to sing!


Nov. 3rd, 2005 12:36 pm
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Whatever they did to the computers at work means that nothing works. I can't get to the library site, I can't print. I can't work like this!
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I have finally completed the fourth lecture for next week. At least I'll be able to take tomorrow off from work!

I have even managed to have a bit of fun today, although I was none too impressed by the posty showing up at 8am with something to be signed for. Especially not after having watched TV until late last night (a thing on Blues in Britain). I spent most of the morning reading Barrayar, since I didn't manage to fall asleep again post posty. More or less from noon onwards, I have been working. After the first lecture was half-written, the computer crashed. So I grabbed a quick shower and then got back down to it. When it was completed, I had lunch and a break for some knitting and listening to music. Then back down to work. The next session was done by about 5 p.m. During this break I called my father and chatted to him for a long time. We don't often chat, so it was especially nice. Then more work, with nowt but a quick break to defrost some dinner and discover that the bread was mouldy.

I also did lots of laundry throughout the day. Still got some to hang up, after this.

But at least the Marquis will be back soon.
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I am so tired after the first two teaching session of 05-06. I hope that I can manage to stave of the dreaded lurgi that my colleagues have been sharing around. Teaching is hard enough work without feeling ill.

Waking the Dead was grim. But somehow still less disturbing than Evangelion. Spent much of last night dreaming about Rei and Misato with a bit of Ritsuko in there, I think. Odd dreams - it's the emotional cruelty that laces through Evangelion that I find really challenging: the way that people - especially Misato and the children - are used is something my softy squishy inner being finds hard to take. I need to take a bit of a break from Eva... Three more episodes to go - including the one with Kaworu, who I found really intriguing as a character from my first viewing of Death & Rebirth. That'll be another toughy, I shouldn't wonder. One day, I'll probably try to put some more of my toughts about this show into words. It's been a very interesting and challenging experience so far, watching Eva.

While the Marquis was making dinner, I went to call my mother but ended up talking to Na'Kim for a good long time. It was so nice to speak to her. The Marquis called her 'Ritsuko' - I can see what he means, too...

Tomorrow I am doing the first repeat of the session I did this morning with the second group. It's always very interesting to see how the same teaching session pans out with different people. I hope it goes well. I also hope that I won't be bored to tears by the time I get to Friday's repeat.

I hope I get a chance to look up some stuff for Meglorien tomorrow - she wants to know about how use of language might reflect personality. I don't know if I'll be able to suggest anything useful for her to read, but it sounds like an interesting idea that she is on to: in LoTR the book, Gollum's use of English is pretty childish, and Smeagol's near perfect. In PJ's movies, it's pretty much the other way around. Meglorien is interested in a psychological interpretation of these concepts... I'll see what I can rustle up, between writing next week's sessions.

Enough for now... I need sleep.


Sep. 28th, 2004 04:16 pm
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I am distracted and tired and not making much headway with those module guides. Pah!
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I worked on my website last night, while Tuemi and her friend were watching DVDs. This morning Tuemi asked me if I was narked with them. Um... not really. I was very tired what with the early start packing the Marquis off to Carlisle, and my back/neck is very sore from getting used to new office and job and all (and consequently I was feeling a little sorry for myself). So I'm sorry that I gave the impression I was grumpy. I was just exhausterated. Will try and be more sociable tonight. ;-)

Anyway... today is graduation day here and I need to get dressed up in hood and gown, something I always enjoy. :-)

The new kettle that my office sharer, Nix, has bought for us has just boiled and it's time for a cuppa of genuine English Breakfast tea bought in France, as it were.
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Got back from the Fellowship Festival earlier today. Very tired... Trains were delayed as usual.

Tomorrow my new job starts, and the Marquis is off until Friday to work back up north. :-( I shall miss him.

Thursday [ profile] tuemi arrives with friend for a visit.

Busy time clearly not over yet, but I shall endeavour to start filling in some gaps soon.

*yawns and crawls to bed*
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Well, well, well... I think I'd better get something down about what I have been doing and thinking before it all disappears. So following [ profile] pellegrina's example, I thought that I might as well make a start now rather than putting if off even more. Unlike my esteemed friend, however, I'll not be so organised as to actually talk about things in a chronological order.

The Wolverhampton Househunt )


May. 6th, 2004 11:34 pm
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For my first years, mostly...

The Accred.Bollox which has been the bane of my existence for such a long time has come to its conclusion: Our course has been accredited for 5 years and accreditation will be back-dated for the first years. I am very happy for them!!!

As for me... I can now stick 'assisted with successful accred.bollox process' on my CV. Not bad, not bad at all.
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Okay, so it's about 20 to eleven, and I have wet hair and so need to stay up a little longer if I want to avoid the evil hair-dryer (which make my hair frizzy), but I am tired.

What I really want to do is sit down and start writing the beginning of Ch. 3 of GoN-WiP, 'cos I finally had an idea about how to get it started, but since I am also tired and want to updat my lj, I'll start with that.

Today, then... today's been one of those days for me as well as [ profile] pellegrina although in different ways )
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It's been beautiful and sunny for much of the day and I even managed to site in my class this afternoon with my jumper off, without freezing. Roll on warmth. I have had enough of winter.

This morning I got involved (impromptu) in this recruitment day at my college, because Ceejay needed someone who could bend over and attach electrodes to volunteers ankles for our polygraph demonstration. It was quite a nice thing to be involved in and I got free lunch out of it. Just sandwiches, but hey, don't knock it.

In the afternoon I went to a session about the portfolio for my PGC in Learning and Teaching in HE. Pedagogist was being his usual woolly self, but fortunately my favourite tutor, Athena came along for the second half of the session and we had some very productive discussions about our action research projects. Mine is going to be about the way my research methodology and statistics course have worked this semester after I redesigned them over the summer. The issue I am particularly interested in is how the students have felt about their level of involvement in the course and the effects that the course design (letting students decide upon the questions to investigate and putting research projects together from those with guidance from the tutors) has had upon their motivation. I actually look forward to reading up upon a lot of this stuff.

Now I am back at home and dithering about whether to type up some stuff for a potential publication I want to send of for consideration, or whether to get back to Ta'Kiri. [ profile] the_marquis and I had a very fruitful discussion this morning about some story logistics, which I still needed to think through before launching into ch 15.

Oh, and [ profile] pellegrina has managed to hand Ch 1 of our WiP to a bonafide test-reader... Looking forward to the feedback.
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It turns out you can train Cuban crocodiles much in the same way you can train a dog. The dragon in me is pleased with this discovery. But crocs are probably a bit more dangerous than dogs nevertheless.

In other news )
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... marking, my friends. I so don't like this part of my job. It is depressing. Especially the bit where I marked a paper yesterday that appears to be plagiarised well and truly. I have ordered the book I think the stuff comes from from the library in Lancaster. Hopefully I'll receive it by Thursday for the unhappy task of trying to identify each instance of plagiarism. This is so sad.

Apart from that, my neck is very sore -- I think I have an irritated possible even inflamed nerve. Don't know what to do about it. Tried ice-pack and ibuprofen gel yesterday, but may need to try and make an appointment with the doctor. Painful neck and marking do not go well together...

But not all is glum. I went to the library today with an armful of books I'd cunningly forgotten to renew last Friday and they didn't charge me for the fine! Yay!

I finally let the Marquis read some of my creative writing scribblings of the last couple of weeks, while I emithered the next installment for Eudesia ('The Private Room').
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Or am I just flattering myself? :-)

The last couple of weeks have been very strange and instead of getting my various thoughts and contemplations transferred onto lj, I have been frantically scribbling (or rather tapping) away at a couple of ‘drafts’(for want of a better word) on [ profile] pellegrina and my ambitious current writing project.

More about my scribblings )

Waffling about the New Job at Wolves )
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Didn't want to go to work today :-(. But went anyway, and got not an awful lot done. At least I didn't have to go to Lancaster.

However, I managed to get myself roped into some post-work badminton by Fred, Marxist and the Marquis. It was fun and now I ache very badly.

Sorted out some of the double marking with Ceejay. Ceejay also told me a lovely story about her terrible Teenager being really chuffed that her mum is pregnant. I thought it was a nice story, because Ceejay was worried that Teenager would be embarrassed instead.

The Marquis and I got 200 points in University Challenge tonight. Which is the best we've done in a while.

On the Soapy Place )

Anyway, now I am going to go to bed, and tomorrow, I will approach life and work with a more productive attitude, I hope! I shall make a little list... Not done that in a while.
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Because of the disgustingly early start this morning, I feel that I have had quite a good day, really. The lecture was done before the sun had set -- it's setting noticeable later now! Yay!

The Marquis and I went for an itty-bitty walk around the park and took a look at some of the flooding there in one of the bits that's 'land-locked' but as low as the river. It's cold again, so we didn't stay out too long. We we came back in, the Marquis made us hot chocolate and we watched Time Team. While we did this, I spent some time sorting through some long overdue paperwork and banking. Feel virtuous now...

Told my Dad about this lj today -- hi, G'Lon, in case you are reading this! He called to say thanks for the translation work. :-)
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Because of the disgustingly early start this morning, I feel that I have had quite a good day, really. The lecture was done before the sun had set -- it's setting noticeable later now! Yay!

The Marquis and I went for an itty-bitty walk around the park and took a look at some of the flooding there in one of the bits that's 'land-locked' but as low as the river. It's cold again, so we didn't stay out too long. We we came back in, the Marquis made us hot chocolate and we watched Time Team. While we did this, I spent some time sorting through some long overdue paperwork and banking. Feel virtuous now...

Told my Dad about this lj today -- hi, G'Lon, in case you are reading this! He called to say thanks for the translation work. :-)


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