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I finished the Portfolio last night. Criz's picture arrived in time, too. Sent it off today.

And of course I feel strangely vulnerable now.
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Oxonmoot ~ The Report (Second attempt)

I have been very busy with my portfolio of which more at another point and so haven’t got round to doing the report thing until now. But since I want a break from learning and teaching and not being able to find the references that I want to find, here’s my Oxonmoot report instead.

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Sep. 20th, 2004 12:31 pm
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Finally made it back from Oxonmoot at about 20.45 last night, instead of 19.45 as originally hoped.

Weekend was enjoyable despite the fact that I seem to have spent most of it in accident-prone land.

'twas nice to see the Usual Suspects: [ profile] pellegrina, [ profile] foradan, [ profile] emperor, and various Taruithornians (including [ profile] dreiviertel, and CTS people, and SocT people. Also met [ profile] megamole and [ profile] atreic who I'd only known via lj up to that point.

After Enyalie we also caught up with [ profile] alitophilus, [ profile] jane_somebody, [ profile] skordh, and [ profile] parrot_knight.

Before I get carried away and write a longer report, however, I am going to do some work on my portfolio...


Jul. 29th, 2004 11:56 am
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Can't concentrate... Got so much to do... don't want to move... the portfolio needs more work... my office needs to be tidied up...

UPDATE (15:26): it's not getting any better, I think I am going to pack some stuff and head home. Sigh.
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It's been beautiful and sunny for much of the day and I even managed to site in my class this afternoon with my jumper off, without freezing. Roll on warmth. I have had enough of winter.

This morning I got involved (impromptu) in this recruitment day at my college, because Ceejay needed someone who could bend over and attach electrodes to volunteers ankles for our polygraph demonstration. It was quite a nice thing to be involved in and I got free lunch out of it. Just sandwiches, but hey, don't knock it.

In the afternoon I went to a session about the portfolio for my PGC in Learning and Teaching in HE. Pedagogist was being his usual woolly self, but fortunately my favourite tutor, Athena came along for the second half of the session and we had some very productive discussions about our action research projects. Mine is going to be about the way my research methodology and statistics course have worked this semester after I redesigned them over the summer. The issue I am particularly interested in is how the students have felt about their level of involvement in the course and the effects that the course design (letting students decide upon the questions to investigate and putting research projects together from those with guidance from the tutors) has had upon their motivation. I actually look forward to reading up upon a lot of this stuff.

Now I am back at home and dithering about whether to type up some stuff for a potential publication I want to send of for consideration, or whether to get back to Ta'Kiri. [ profile] the_marquis and I had a very fruitful discussion this morning about some story logistics, which I still needed to think through before launching into ch 15.

Oh, and [ profile] pellegrina has managed to hand Ch 1 of our WiP to a bonafide test-reader... Looking forward to the feedback.
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Or am I just flattering myself? :-)

The last couple of weeks have been very strange and instead of getting my various thoughts and contemplations transferred onto lj, I have been frantically scribbling (or rather tapping) away at a couple of ‘drafts’(for want of a better word) on [ profile] pellegrina and my ambitious current writing project.

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