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It's just a sticking plaster )

And yet...
- Na'Quis's sports day: the weather was mostly good (I even got a little sunburnt), Na'Quis was proud of her achievements ("I can run really fast!"), and I'm proud of her for going and doing it, even though she'd missed preparing for sports day with her fellow pupils.
- The Marquis and I put up the garden table, and then I spent about two hours cleaning garden furniture and partly cleaning up the shed, until the dust got to me.
- I took Na'Quis with me to a singing lesson. She wants to have her own and I am going to start again. My singing teacher has a new singing room in her garden: it is fantastic. I want one. ;-)
- Just as the sun was setting it peeked out behind the cloud and made the apple blossom on our neighbours tree look the most glorious luminescent pink. It made me want to learn to paint, because on a photo I can never capture that kind of light.
- I can hear the sound of the rain on the patio. The plants will appreciate the water and I like the sound.
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The Marquis and I feed the little birds in our garden. The tits and sparrows and dunnocks and finches and cock robin, of course. We also feed the slightly larger birds, like collared doves and woodpigeons (less deliberately...) and that famous mammalian bird, the grey squirrel.

Today we've had a bit of escalation, as the original intended recipients of said food, turned a part of the menu: it appears we are now also providing for a sparrowhawk...
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My parents set off for Germany again this morning. We've had a nice week and got quite a few things done around house and garden.

I am now behind with almost everything else, including lj reading.

But hey, instead of catching up, the Marquis and I are going to visit Third and Chairman tonight, to go to the Re-enactors' Fair tomorrow.

Work on Sunday.
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... here's a very brief hello.

Hello, lj, have been neglecting you, as well as my website (still under construction) and various friends. Been really busy, what with moving house, having my mum and aunt to visit, going to the Fellowship Festival, starting a new job and getting visited by my sister Tuemi and her friend. I was going to update my lj yesterday, but the laundry needed doing and the weather was very nice and I made use of our new garden.

Anyway, I'll fill in the details bit by bit, but for the moment I'd better get on with some work.

*waves and signs off*
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Well, well, well... I think I'd better get something down about what I have been doing and thinking before it all disappears. So following [ profile] pellegrina's example, I thought that I might as well make a start now rather than putting if off even more. Unlike my esteemed friend, however, I'll not be so organised as to actually talk about things in a chronological order.

The Wolverhampton Househunt )


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